Monthly Archives: May 2010

Our Dental Staff is a TEAM at Temecula Dentist, Dr. Skidmore’s office

It may be 5 months late, but here are some pictures from our Christmas Party!  We had a great time getting together outside of the office.  We are so fortunate to have such a great team and work so well together.  You will definitely notice a difference from other Temecula Dentists offices.  Our atmospthere is […]

Not everything is about TEETH! Temecula Dentist Dr Skidmore competes in 200 mile race

Besides being a great dentist in Temecula, Dr Skidmore loves to be active and just finished a 200 mile relay race. “I was actually invited to participate by one of our patients.  Although I knew I would have to train, I never turn down a good challenge.  Although practicinng dentistry in Temecula seems like it […]