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Harmful Habits to Avoid: Advice From Temecula Dentist Dr. Skidmore

At the Temecula Dental Office of Dr. Michael Skidmore, we care about your dental health! Which is why we want to make our patients aware of some common yet harmful dental habits they should avoid. We want you to prolong the health, beauty and function of your smile for years to come by steering clear […]

Invisalign G3: Invisalign in Temecula, Invisalign Dentist Temecula

Invisalign in Temecula is making huge steps to improve outcomes and treat more cases!  If you have ever considered straightening your teeth but don’t want to wear braces then Invisalign is for you!!   Instead  of metal brackets and wires you only have to wear a completely clear, virtually invisible plastic trays.  Invisalign has been around […]