It is very important that the content on your website is useful and relevant to your customers.  Your content must be written at a level that is easily understood by the general public, and it should have enough information to be considered important to your business.

We are often stalled in the development of a website by waiting for content from our customers.  It is a time consuming and tedious task, but one of the most important parts of your website in terms of organic rankings on search engines.

Content designed for SEO

Your website must contain well placed content designed for search engine optimization so you can have a website that is ranked at the top for your location and business.  Good use of headings and images tags is a key relevance indicator to search engines.  Relevant and high quality information that satisfies your users is critical to good SEO rankings.

We understand SEO and can help you use images and videos in your content to engage your audience.

Relevant Website Content

Your content should be easy to visually scan; this means well-placed titles that answer the questions your audience have about your product or service.  Your audience wants answers.  That is, after all why they have searched for something. It is important to answer their questions easily and quickly.

Not only must your content be interesting to your audience, it must be updated and changed on a regular basis.  It is one of the ways search engines use to determine the relevance of your website.  Search engines want to rank the most important sources of information about your business first.  How often your website content is updated is one of the ways used to determine if your website offers a valuable user experience.

Even if you are paying for sponsored ad placement, relevant content is a big consideration for ad rankings.

Your content should be carefully proofread for grammar errors and reading levels.  We have tools to help with that.

How We Can Help

We know how to write original content that will rank well in search engines.  We use tools to help us with key word choice and placement, sentence structure, and audience reading levels. We have had proven success in achieving ranking improvements simply by adding good quality content and blogs to our clients’ websites.

We write content that will grab the attention of your audience with engaging information targeted to increase your traffic and leads.