Software Consulting, Planning, and Design

From systems analysis and requirements definition to project planning and user experience design, our team can help you through the process before you spend a dime on application programming.  We can save time and help you avoid costly program redesigns by giving you a visual design of your web application.

We know that a quality end product depends on solid planning and design. We use a collaborative and iterative approach to work alongside our clients as an integrated team to provide a well thought out design based on a thorough analysis of requirements. Our experience with agile and product-focused methodology positions us to provide solutions for web-based applications. Additionally, our solutions are designed to facilitate more efficient maintenance and future enhancements.

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Custom In-House Development and Project Management

We offer web application development, project management services and data exchange. Our talented, technical experts will manage your project and guide the process while adhering to industry best-practices. From requirements gathering through software testing and delivery, our services provide solutions that are cost effective and fit within your timeline and budgetary constraints.


Our core competencies include project management, user experience (UX) design and software engineering. We have extensive experience dealing with complex enterprise-grade back ends and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure quality user experience and scalability.


Our development team includes those who have full stack capabilities and those who are experts in a specific area. We believe using our broad base of experience with robust software development methodology allows us to determine the best approach to ensure projects launch on time, on budget and scale with confidence.
Development and project implementation would not be complete without a focus on automated software and customer-focused testing. Our quality assurance processes allow for better allocation of resources, repeatability, and the ability to deliver consistent testing results.


We can train your staff to understand and use your application either at our location, at the client site, or via our on-line training tools.

Our training is specifically developed for each client and is provided as part of the initial project implementation. Clients learn from our experts, stay engaged throughout the training process, and walk away with a broad, deep understanding of their product.


We have skilled implementation specialists to assist our clients to on boarding new users.  We have demonstrated success with large scale user roll outs and can effectively coordinate with IT departments either in house or third party.

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Cloud Computing

We have expertise in cloud based solutions and can work with you to build, execute, and manage your system using cloud optimized architectures. Whether it’s reducing costs or improving performance, we can recommend the right solution for your business requirements.

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Cloud computing allows clients to avoid upfront infrastructure costs and focus on development projects that differentiate their businesses instead of infrastructure.  It can allow for faster implementation, requires less maintenance.


Java is our preferred choice for developing applications with high scalability and performance requirements. Java technologies help in developing robust, high performance applications. Because Java is supported by all major platforms, programs written once can be executed anywhere and there is no need for any vendor specific deployment descriptors to port application from one server to another.

PHP is one the most popular open source technology for web development. It provides ready-to-use frameworks and plugins for building applications used for E-commerce, Blogging, Social Networking, CMS and business-critical applications.

JavaScript is a solid programming language for website and web-based application development. Our developers are proficient in JavaScript programming and custom web development combining JavaScript with HTML coding.  We use JavaScript to improve the design and functionality of custom websites and web based applications by utilizing the many dynamic effects provided by JavaScript.

PERL (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) is an open source server side programming language extensively used for web scripts and to process data passed via the Common Gateway Interface from HTML forms etc. Perl scripts are not embedded within HTML pages and do not download to the web browser but reside on the server. They execute by being triggered from commands within HTML pages or other scripts and may produce HTML output that does download to the web browser.

C++ is an object oriented and is considered a high level language. However, it features low level facilities. C++ is one of the most commonly used programming languages.  We have used C++ in many of our healthcare projects.