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Social Media is more popular than ever and is a key marketing tool in today’s day and age. With millions of online users everyday, Social Media Advertising can be a great way to keep your business relevant and grow your online following to reach new customers. If your social profiles have large time gaps in between posts and updates your online presence will fade to the back of your customers mind. Many business owners don’t have the time to frequently post on Facebook and Instagram because frankly, they are too busy running a business! If you are looking to find someone to keep your profiles up to date we can help! We will not only create accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, but we will post weekly on your behalf to remind your customers what’s going on with your business in a style that is unique to your brand.


Creating a compelling and inviting Facebook page requires a clear strategy and well thought out content and images. There are so many factors that go into creating a page that people want to follow, will promote traffic to your website, and will make your phone ring! Whether you are looking to create a personal brand page or one that aligns with the look and feel of your brand identity, Wolfe Interactive can bring your profile to life at an affordable price. Already have a profile but don’t have the time to keep it up to date? Our team of social media marketers will create interesting content and post important information on a weekly basis. We can also help you run Facebook advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your profile, gain new followers, and target specific audiences.

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You may be aware of the fact that more companies are relying on images in their social media marketing.  In the last couple of years, the number of people using Instagram has risen dramatically.  With millions of people using the service, Instagram has become a fantastic opportunity for brands to reach their target audience.  Instagram has proven to be a very effective platform to get your brand message across with imagery and short messages.

[blockquote text=”Linda Wolfe is amazing at what she does! She is a great communicator and is always available when we need her. She designed our website and also maintains the social media accounts. She always has new information posted on the Facebook page and monitors the progress. We are 100{e23c24479bb827cdf9f23e96786f4ecbaed3d5696667c614c76ce32f54f9d57b} satisfied with her service and would recommend her and Wolfe Interactive for all your website needs.

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Pinterest has become increasingly popular, especially among women. It is a great new visual platform that has become a powerful new tool for ecommerce.  Pinterest allows you to sell directly to customers who are searching for products like yours.  Visitors who come to your website through Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t.

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Twitter is a popular online social networking service through which you can build a worldwide following for you, your company, products and more. A further benefit is that Twitter provides the opportunity to communicate quickly with those followers. We create branded Twitter pages to complement the look of your company website. We also offer a Twitter posting service to keep your company in touch with your followers when you’re too busy to do so.

Content Curation

Hate to write or just don’t have time?  We offer copywriting and content creation services.  We can create blog posts or content that can be used for your social media marketing and web copy.

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